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My Background

A freelance photographer, based near Northampton, England, I have been photographing for around 25 years. My photography has largely, but not exclusively, been rural and urban landscapes and buildings in the UK and abroad. I also have a selection of still-life and abstract images available. See a few examples below.

I have travelled extensively in Europe, especially France and England, as well as Africa, Asia, South Amercia and USA. As a photographer, I have recorded the character of the varied regions on film and, more recently, used digital photography, almost exclusively top quality Nikon photographic equipment.


I held my first exhibition in May 2007- full details.

I took part in Open Studios Northamptonshire in September 2007.


Hover over the photograph thumbnails below to see the full size photos. I have included photography local to Northampton, from further afield and creative subjects. I am the photographer for all of these pictures.

Boats on Lake Buttermere Fawsley Church, Northamptonshire Funky Flames Waterfall of Trees 360 degree Alpine panorama

Boats on Lake Buttermere

To help you view my photographs I have created a monitor calibration checker:

Calibration checker

To ensure that you can view photographs to the best of your equipment's capability a good start is to ensure that the above calibration checker shows a graded black to white. You should be able to see all 17 shades; adjust the contrast and/or brightness if not so that you can see all of them. This is only a start - the best method is an automated colour calibration tester for those working on photographs regularly. As a result if you order photographs the colour on the print may be different to that on your monitor - rest assured that photographs supplied are the correct colour.

Photography Gallery

For examples of my photography please see the photographer's on-line Gallery, where prints are available for sale from just £2 in a range of sizes. See below for further pricing details of gallery photographs. My standard offering is currently from 7½" x 5" up to a massive 18" x 12". If the size you would like is not on offer then let me know. My gallery has recently been expanded and now has photographic images from the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, other areas in the UK and abroad, as well as a themed gallery for flower photographs. Ultimately it will contain more photography of subjects local to Northampton and Northamptonshire; England and Scotland, more from the Lake District; further afield such as France and more from the USA; creative subjects and a few nature photos as well.

A selection of photographs are also available for purchase from The Hayrack Gallery in Upper Stowe, Northamptonshire. My photographs may not yet be on their website but a selection is available in the gallery.

Alternatively you can download my photograph gallery catalogue to browse at home (downloadable in Adobe PDF format). If you like the photographs that you see then you will find more in the on-line photograph gallery. See "More Info" page if you need information on downloading a free reader.

If you would like any photograph supplied professionally mounted ready to put in the frame of your choice or if you would like a photograph supplied ready-framed then don't hesitate to get in touch as I can supply to your requirements, either using my standard offering (see below) or to special order.

Event Photography

Photographs taken while covering a variety of events are also available for purchase by competitors, entrants, sponsors or you. If you are running an event locally to Northampton (or even further afield) and would like a photographer to cover the event then get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Stock Photography and Commissions

My photographs are also available as stock images for use in books, magazines, advertising etc. I have many more available that are not yet on-line - do ask if I can supply images to your requirements. If you see an image and would like to buy or use it then please get in touch. If you see images on my site first then please contact me direct, however if you need my photographs urgently and cannot get in touch with me then many of the photographs here and in my gallery are also available as stock photography by Peter Crighton at Alamy. In addition, there are more photographs in my Alamy offering that I have not put on-line elsewhere. Please note that, to comply with Alamy requirements, if you see the image first on Alamy's website then you must purchase from there. However, if you first see it here and approach me direct or enquire direct about possible images, then I can offer a personal service in preparation and supply of the image to your specific requirements.

Finally, as a freelance photographer, I will also undertake photographic commissions - contact me to discuss your requirement.

My photographs are generally taken as digital images (earlier photography is scanned from the negative/slide) and can be supplied as prints, by e-mail or on CDROM. If you wish to discuss the commercial use of my existing stock photos or request a commission, either locally to Northampton or further afield (England, UK or worldwide) then . I have an extensive range of photography equipment suitable for many subjects.

Gallery Photograph Purchase

Three are various options for the purchase of my gallery photographs:

  1. Visit my on-line photograph gallery and purchase from there.
  2. Contact me to buy photographs framed, mounted or as prints. Standard pricing (excluding postage) is:
  3. Vist The Hayrack Gallery in Upper Stowe, Northamptonshire.


  1. All photography on this website is Copyright Peter Crighton Photography and must not be used without permission. In all cases, the photographer was Peter Crighton.
  2. Photos are generally reduced in size and quality to deliberately make them unsuitable for commercial photography purposes and also quicker to load. It should go without saying that prints or commercial photography sales would be of the original high quality images.
  3. Photos are available for sale as prints (including mounted or framed as desired) or for commercial photography work (see my Photobox gallery or contact the photographer direct for purchasing prints or to discuss commercial photography use).

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